The e-reader has created quite a stir…

     People love their gadgets, and rightly so. The pc and the cell phone have revolutionized the way we interact, both on a personal level, and as a society. Information now travels like lightning, the internet affecting virtually everything we do.

     Now, we have the e-reader. Though not as pervasive as some other devices, these hand-held, electronic books are taking hold. Quite amazing … one can download thousands of titles to be stored in the e-books memory. A virtual library-to-go. I see more and more people using them with each passing day.

     I’ve heard it said that the e-reader is good for the environment. I’m not real clear about that one. Less books being produced might save a vast number of trees, but electronic/plastic devices need to be recycled properly at the end of their use. There’s no way of knowing what percentage will be dealt with responsibly, versus just throwing them into a dumpster. One can only hope that people will do the right thing.

     Some find the e-reader nothing short of life-changing. For instance, an author, forced to wait patiently for a publisher or agent in the past, can now find success through self-publishing. Granted, the independent author will likely spend more time promoting than writing, but it’s being done. A growing number of novels are finding an audience, due to a writer’s ability to self-publish. I think it’s a very good thing.

     And what of the big publishing houses and uber-agents. One can’t help but think that they’re feeling the pain in their bottom lines. Will it become a modern-day, buggy whip vs. horseless carriage scenario, in terms of sales? Only time will tell.

     I’ve spoken with a vast number of people outside of the author/agent/publisher realm, who just plain like to read. The consensus? Split right down the middle. There are lots of hold-outs who say they will never own an e-reader. They just like the feel of a real book … the weight … turning real pages.

     And those who have e-readers? They love them. Can’t say enough great things about this incredible, new technology. I believe a large percentage of the hold-outs will cave in and get one. Care to weigh in? I have a pretty good idea what other authors think. I’d love to hear what all of you readers have to say.

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5 Responses to The e-reader has created quite a stir…

  1. theaatkinson says:

    loved this post, Al. I too think about the trees saved versus the plastic we need to use to create them

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  3. Junying says:

    Just to say that I love my Kindle e-reader – to say it’s changed my life is an understatement! I would have never meet lovely people like you without it :-).

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