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“Horror in the Cage” ~the prompt~

Airfields…many towns across America have them. Busy places full of camaraderie during the day, they often become eerily quiet, desolate spots at night. Gracie Hunt knows this all too well. A tomboy, with a dad, and three brothers, who all fly private … Continue reading

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“Horror in the Cage”

My wonderful friends, Belinda Frisch, and R.A. Evans, were talking a bit of friendly smack in #pubwrite, on Twitter, this past Tuesday night. While immersed in chatter about who the better horror writer was, I said, “Hey…why not have a throw-down?” Hence, … Continue reading

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Friends for Life

     I’m stunned—people never cease to amaze me. You’re probably thinking, oh oh, something has got Al riled this week. And you would be correct, as I am quite irritated.      Why?      Three months worth of pages have been torn from … Continue reading

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alarming loft via angel’s breath no more than a word spent to send me there her smile stealth, though not meant as such my heart exhumed for another chance what sheer delight to discover thus a shared desire, but could … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Marketing

     Marketing is a very necessary component of achieving success while on the road to becoming a full-time author. However, doing so can be a tricky proposition.      I was viewing the updates section of the wonderful, book-related site, Goodreads recently, and was … Continue reading

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Platform Particulars

   This week’s post is geared specifically toward my friends in the writing world. It matters not whether you’re forging ahead with the indie route, or have aspirations of becoming a traditionally published author. If you’re doing things correctly, the … Continue reading

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It’s all about you…

   This week, I’m going to ask you all to be a little selfish. Yes, I know it may sound a bit odd coming from me, but this post isn’t going in the direction you might surmise. My goal…to insure that … Continue reading

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