“Horror in the Cage”

My wonderful friends, Belinda Frisch, and R.A. Evans, were talking a bit of friendly smack in #pubwrite, on Twitter, this past Tuesday night. While immersed in chatter about who the better horror writer was, I said, “Hey…why not have a throw-down?”

Hence, the birth of “Horror in the Cage.” This writing challenge pits these two fantastic horror novelists against eachother, in a 1,500 word fiction challenge. I will post their prompt on Twitter at 12:00 noon this Saturday, April 30th. Belinda, and Rich, will have until 8 A.M. the next morning to come up with their killer story, at which point, you, the reader, will have the opportunity to vote for which tale you find to be the finest horror piece.

The two stories will be posted without the authors names attached, to keep the voting as fair, and unbiased, as possible. Both Belinda, and Rich, have graciously offered three downloads each, of their respective novels, “Dead Spell,” and “Asylum Lake,” for me to give to six, randomly selected, readers who vote, and leave a comment on my blog.

Please visit Belinda Frisch’s blog   http://belindaf.blogspot.com/2011/04/word-fight.html and R.A. Evans’s blog http://raevanswrites.wordpress.com/2011/04/26/horror-in-the-cage-two-horror-writers-go-in-only-one-comes-out/  to read about this historic throw-down in their own words. Voting will be opened until 6 P.M. Wednesday, May 5th. The winner will receive eternal bragging rights, and will be interviewed on my blog the following Sunday.

May the best writer win.

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