“Horror in the Cage” ~the prompt~

Airfields…many towns across America have them. Busy places full of camaraderie during the day, they often become eerily quiet, desolate spots at night.

Gracie Hunt knows this all too well. A tomboy, with a dad, and three brothers, who all fly private aircraft for fun, Gracie spends many nights alone in her family’s aircraft hangar, wrenching on their several different planes. On this particular evening, the warm, Spring night is silent and still, save a workbench radio playing songs from the eighties.

Gracie’s immersed in her work, when, in her peripheral vision, she sees a figure dart across the hangar’s open doorway…

Belinda, and Rich…you’ve got 20 hours and 1,500 words to blow us all away with your own particular brand of horror stylings. Send me your submissions by 8 AM, Sunday morning. Your stories will be posted by 9 AM. Fans will have until the following Wednesday, at 6 PM, to cast their votes for the winner of “Horror in the Cage.” Best of luck to both of you.

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3 Responses to “Horror in the Cage” ~the prompt~

  1. Dannie says:

    The cage fight is on! Belinda. You might want to get dressed for this one, lol

  2. Awesome prompt! Can’t wait to see these two shred, and to see the sure-to-be fabulous results. 🙂

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