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“Fantasy in the Cage” ~the battle begins~

 Ahh…the bell has been rung, ladies, and gentlemen. Please read the following pair of storys then cast a vote for your favorite. Lisa, and Joe…a stellar job from both of you. Congratulations, and may the best writer win. PS: At the request … Continue reading

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“Fantasy in the Cage” ~the prompt~

Lisa, and Joe…an adrenaline-filled welcome to “Fantasy in the Cage.” As you know, this is a no-holds-barred competition, so dig deep and show us what you’ve  got. You will be allowed a maximum of 2,ooo words, and will have 24 hrs. to complete this … Continue reading

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BK-37 Apocalypso

Her crusty eyelids popped opened like a a pair of mouse traps, tripped in unison. The stench of sulfur and decay immediately filled her nostrils. Confusion commandeered every available synapse that hadn’t been fried by the onslaught of gamma rays and … Continue reading

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Milestones along the Writer’s Road

Hello, my wonderful friends. I’ve missed you the past couple of weeks. The exciting Horror Cage Match, Rich Evans’s fabulous interview, and my Book Blurb Contest, displaced my usual weekly posts to you. This week, I’d like to take the opportunity to … Continue reading

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~ Rich Evans ~ the interview ~

Rich Evans, author of “Asylum Lake,” was kind enough to reveal some facts about his haunted soul on my blog this week. Check out my interview with this amazing author of the horror genre then give his fabulous novel a read. You’ll … Continue reading

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~Book Blurb Contest~

Like contests? How about $100 Amazon gift cards? I knew you did… Many of you are familiar with my mystery/thriller novel, “In Memory of Greed,” and some have already been kind enough to give it a read. I wrote the … Continue reading

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“Horror in the Cage” ~the results~

Well folks…you’ve voted, and the first of many “In the Cage” battles has been fought, and won. “Lift Off,” by Rich Evans, is the “Horror in the Cage” winner. Congratulations to both combatants…Belinda Frisch put up a stellar fight with … Continue reading

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“Horror in the Cage” ~the battle begins~

The moment of truth has arrived, everyone. Please cast your votes for your favorite horror piece. Belinda, and Rich…fantastic job, and congrats to both of you. May the best writer win. The Airman The warm spring breeze carried the smell … Continue reading

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