“Horror in the Cage” ~the results~

Well folks…you’ve voted, and the first of many “In the Cage” battles has been fought, and won.

“Lift Off,” by Rich Evans, is the “Horror in the Cage” winner. Congratulations to both combatants…Belinda Frisch put up a stellar fight with her piece, “The Airman.”

Rich walks away from “The Cage” with bragging rights, and an interview on my blog, which will post this coming Sunday morning.

Rich, and Belinda…thank you so much for participating in this epic bout. You are both champions, and fabulous horror writers, in my book.

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6 Responses to “Horror in the Cage” ~the results~

  1. AJ Powers says:

    Congratulations, Rich! And great job to both competitors!

  2. rinnziegler says:

    Congratulations Rich! They were both wonderful stories; I’m sure it was a close call.

  3. Dannie says:

    Rich. Congrats! Belinda. Hold your head high. You are both great writers and besides you’ll both become famous as the first two combatants in AL’S CAGE MATCHES. Belinda. You’re beautiful– even when a bit bloody. Rich… you’re kind of cute too.

  4. See, I knew we should’ve put up pictures! LMAO. Congrats, Rich. Good job! We started something cool with all our trash talk. Now, it’s purely for entertainment.

  5. AJ Brown says:

    Congratulations Rich and great effort, Belinda. Now, is Rich going to defend his title??

  6. Kate Bowyer says:

    Big high 5 to the first two cage fighters. You realize you’ve set the bar for the rest of us to live up to if we ever get called up, right?

    Thanks Al for hosting a great fight.

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