“Fantasy in the Cage” ~the results~

 Hello, everyone…the voting is done, and the second “In the Cage” series battle has been fought, and won.

Joe Jacen De La Garza, is the “Fantasy in the Cage” winner, with his story, entitled “Radjer.” Congratulations to both combatants…Lisa Stull put up a tremendous fight with her piece, “Playing with Science.”

Joe walks away from “The Cage” with bragging rights, and an interview on my blog, which will post this coming Sunday morning.

Lisa, and Joe…thank you so much for participating in this epic bout. You are both fabulous fantasy writers, and winners, in my estimation. Thank you so much for participating.

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13 Responses to “Fantasy in the Cage” ~the results~

  1. So much more difficult than I thought…Thank you Al for inviting me to take part and thank you LM for being a heck of an opponent. I think I have an ulcer now 😦

  2. L.M. Stull says:

    Haha awww Congrats!!

  3. theaatkinson says:

    looks like a really fun time. I’ll be looking for the interview post

  4. eden baylee says:

    Joe, congrats , and you won despite my vote (hahaha, I can now confess I didn’t vote for you, but I liked your story nonetheless! ) Imaginative stuff – gut wrenching, no wonder you have an ulcer ! I am looking fwd to the interview of you though. 😉

    Al, can you please ask this man why he has so many names? I don’t even have a middle name, for pete’s sake!


  5. danniethewriter says:

    I was captured by both stories! What a great match up. Congats, Joe. That was one great story! Now, Lisa, get that book out so I can fill my nights with you (your work that is.) I’m in awe of you both.

    You’re on your way, Joe! Can’t wait for the interview. BTW. I like your name. I think Eden is mystified by you, lol.

  6. eden baylee says:

    @Al – thanks for the offer – as long as it’s not Bubba, I’m good with it.

    @Dannie – you are hilarious! Yes, Joe Jacen De La Garza does mystify me somewhat. I hope he will be demystified when he’s interviewed! 😉


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