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“Erotica in the Cage” ~the battle begins~

*WARNING* ~ The following content contains material that is VERY graphic in nature, and is intended for people eighteen years of age, and up. Reading these stories may cause priapism, cold sweats, self-flagellation, memory loss, and a strong desire to consume … Continue reading

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“Erotica in the Cage” ~the prompt~

A smokin’ hot welcome, Amelia, and Eden, to “Erotica in the Cage.” As you know, this is a no-holds-barred competition, so give it your all and dazzle us with your ultra-stimulating writing skills. You will be allowed a maximum of 2,ooo words, and will have … Continue reading

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“For those of you about to chat” #isaluteyou

Hey, everyone. I’ve had a number of people ask me specific questions about how to do this or that lately. More specifically, “what can they do to network more effectively and grow their platforms?” And I’ve done my best to … Continue reading

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An interview with AJ Powers

Congratulations, once again, to AJ Powers, winner of “Thriller in the Cage.” I asked AJ some questions about his experiences as a writer. Pour yourself a beverage, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to learn more about AJ and his work.  AJ…When and … Continue reading

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