“Erotica in the Cage” ~the prompt~

A smokin’ hot welcome, Amelia, and Eden, to “Erotica in the Cage.” As you know, this is a no-holds-barred competition, so give it your all and dazzle us with your ultra-stimulating writing skills. You will be allowed a maximum of 2,ooo words, and will have 24 hrs. to complete this challenge. The deadline is tomorrow, at 12 pm noon, EDT, Sunday, July 31st. Good luck to both of you, my worthy combatants. We’re all piqued with curiousity to see your stories; I’m sure they’ll sizzle.

~The Prompt~

Vince Manning awoke with high hopes for his Friday night. His high school sweetheart, Chelsea, who he’d been with now for nine years, had plans for the weekend to hang out with her old roommate from college. This left Vince free for the evening to hit happy hour with his co-workers at the local pub, including the smoking-hot Jessica. And they’d been talking about it for days.

Jess was the same height as Chelsea, and both had long straight, brunette hair, but that’s where the similarities ended. He knew he could have Jessica, and was looking forward to the pub. Yet, as fate would have it, upon arriving for work, he discovered Jessica was out today.

Profoundly disappointed, Vince later bowed out of the early evening festivities and headed back to his apartment. Upon arrival, he entered his bedroom and was startled. His girlfriend was under the covers, face-down, with nothing showing but her shiny hair.

“Babe, what are you still doing here?” he asked.

“Well hello, sweet thing,” his co-worker Jessica said as she rolled over and looked him up and down.

“Jessica…what the—”


Eden…Amelia…there you go. Take this scenario, and do what you do best; give us a pair of short stories that will make us sweat. There can only be one winner, so titillate us to the max with your erotic stylings.

Again, best of luck to both combatants. This much-anticipated pair of stories will post Sunday, June 26th, by 1 PM EDT, and will be shown without author attribution, to make the voting as unbiased as possible. Readers will be able to vote until 6 PM on Wednesday, August 3rd.

Let this ~Erotica Cage Match~ begin.

All the best,  AB

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9 Responses to “Erotica in the Cage” ~the prompt~

  1. danniehill says:

    The kilt is fitting loosely but I plan to tighten it up with words from these lovely ladies! Eden is my pick and not just because she is hot, sweet, and 20 to 1 tasty with her writing! Go Eden! One of the nicest people I know and that warm heart doesn’t hurt her at all.

    It’s gonna be tough with Amelia’s talent. We’ll be sweating to the tunes!

  2. Where are my cheerleaders? 😉

  3. maxwell cynn says:

    I’ll cheer you on Amelia, though I adore Eden. Get your trash talking, cheerleader stomping stilettos out and show us what you’ve got. Eden’s way too sweet for a rough and tumble cage match. I know you can get down and dirty with it 😉



  4. I don’t know Eden (I don’t think, unless her twitter name is something else) So I’ll cheer you on, Amelia!! 😀 GO GO GADGET… 😀 Anyways, look forward to reading the results!

  5. Vanessa says:

    I’m a big fan of both these hot writers so I am melting here.

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