“Erotica in the Cage” ~the battle begins~

*WARNING* ~ The following content contains material that is VERY graphic in nature, and is intended for people eighteen years of age, and up. Reading these stories may cause priapism, cold sweats, self-flagellation, memory loss, and a strong desire to consume massive quantities of alcoholic beverages. You have been warned.

Eden, and Amelia…I’d like to congratulate you for writing two smoking-hot short stories. Best of luck to both of you.

This cage match is going to be a tight one, ladies, and gentlemen. In my humble opinion, never has the cage seen two stories that were so close, from a competitive standpoint.

Please read the following pair of shorts then cast a vote for your favorite. The stories are shown without writer attribution to keep things as fair, and unbiased, as possible. The poll will be open until 6 PM on Wednesday, August 3rd. At that time, a winner will be announced, and will be interviewed on this blog on Sunday, August 6th.

I’ve included the prompt below, with the stories to follow. The poll is located at the end of the second story. Thank you in advance for your vote.

                                                                 ~The Prompt~

Vince Manning awoke with high hopes for his Friday night. His high school sweetheart, Chelsea, who he’d been with now for nine years, had plans for the weekend to hang out with her old roommate from college. This left Vince free for the evening to hit happy hour with his co-workers at the local pub, including the smoking-hot Jessica. And they’d been talking about it for days.

Jess was the same height as Chelsea, and both had long straight, brunette hair, but that’s where the similarities ended. He knew he could have Jessica, and was looking forward to the pub. Yet, as fate would have it, upon arriving for work, he discovered Jessica was out today.

Profoundly disappointed, Vince later bowed out of the early evening festivities and headed back to his apartment. Upon arrival, he entered his bedroom and was startled. His girlfriend was under the covers, face-down, with nothing showing but her shiny hair.

“Babe, what are you still doing here?” he asked.

“Well hello, sweet thing,” his co-worker Jessica said as she rolled over and looked him up and down.

“Jessica…what the—”

                                                                  Dangerous Heels

“Why are you so shocked?” Jessica leaned back against the pillows and dropped the sheet, catching it on her erect nipples. “You’ve been imagining this for days.”

Well yeah, but how did she know that? “What are you…? How did you get…?” The sheet slipped and Vince took a good look at the gorgeous tits he was dreaming about all week. “I um….” Dammit, he couldn’t think when she was naked. Vince’s dick got hard. “You’re….”

Jessica laughed and threw the covers back. Yep, she was naked all right. Her long brown hair almost touched her nipples. She slid one foot off the bed and her legs spread, showing off her shaved pussy. Fuck yeah. He begged Chelsea to shave her bush for him, but she said it was too much work. Where her pubic hair should’ve been, Jessica had a tiny lip print tattoo. Chelsea didn’t have any tattoos, and she refused to get one. Her body was naturally perfect, she argued.

Jessica stood up and posed for him, one hand on her hip, the other teasing her nipple. “You can look, but I hope you’ll touch.” The hand on her hip slid lower, spreading her pussy lips and revealing a silver barbell.

Vince swallowed hard. He wanted Jessica the moment they started working together. Chelsea was great, and he loved her once. But they were together since high school, and he needed something…else. When a woman as hot as Jessica offered herself on a platter, only a crazy man said no. “I probably shouldn’t….”

Was he fucking insane?

“I probably shouldn’t leave the front door unlocked.” He ran to the living room and locked the door, closed the blinds, switched off the lights and smiled. If he turned Jessica down, he wouldn’t get another chance. Chelsea would never know.

When he got back to the bedroom, Jessica was sitting on the bed, leaning back on her hands still naked except for the sky high come-fuck-me heels. Chelsea never wore those either. She said they made her feet hurt.

“Don’t make me wait, baby.” Jessica teased her nipple with her five-alarm red fingertips.

Vince grinned and unbuttoned his shirt. Jessica grabbed his belt buckle and pulled him toward the bed, unzipping his jeans and wrapping her hand around his hard cock. They pushed his pants to the floor and she dropped to her knees, licking his dick up one side and down the other. Holy shit, her tongue was pierced too. Vince closed his eyes and grabbed her hair, shoving his cock into her mouth. Jessica squealed, but she didn’t complain. Chelsea would have.

Vince pulled Jessica up by her hair and shoved her down on the bed, crawling on top of her. He slammed his dick into her wet pussy just to get a feel, and then he pulled out and put his lips on her tattoo, licking and nipping his way down to the barbell resting on her clit. Vince flicked it was his tongue. Jessica squirmed. He rubbed it with his lips. Jessica sighed. He sucked it into his mouth and pulled hard. Jessica flung her arms out and arched her back.

“Fuck yeah!” Jessica flipped her legs over his shoulders. “Do that again.”

But before Vince could dive back in, he heard the front door open. Only Chelsea had a key. “Shit! She’s home!”

Vince jumped up and pulled his pants on. He looked back at Jessica. Jessica! “Stay here. Hide or something. Just stay here!”

He ran out the bedroom door and stopped short in the hallway. Faking a yawn, Vince strolled into the living room. “You’re home early, baby.” What the hell!

“She stood me up.” Chelsea dropped her purse on the coffee table and threw her coat on the chair. “I called her, texted her, nothing.”

Vince clenched his fists. Dammit, his weekend was fucked. “I’m sorry, honey. You were really looking forward to this.”

Chelsea plunked down on the couch and dropped her head in her hands. “We had such great plans.”

“Maybe you can do it another time.” He sat down beside her and rubbed her shoulders, playing the sympathetic boyfriend. “Do you want to fool around?” No reason he couldn’t have fun anyway.

She looked at him like she couldn’t believe he wanted to fuck. “Sure, why not.”

Vince pulled her close and kissed her, wondering what the hell he was forgetting. Chelsea unzipped his jeans and bent down to suck his cock, licking him up one side and down the other….


Holy fucking shit! Could Chelsea taste Jessica’s cunt on his cock? The thought was kinda hot, but no! “Maybe we should….” What?

“Don’t talk.” Chelsea sat up and kissed him, slipping her tongue in his mouth. He tasted Jessica’s pussy, dammit. “Just take my clothes off.”

His hands slid under her shirt, lifting it over her head while she took off her bra. Vince loved Chelsea’s tits. Soft and warm with fat nipples made to be licked. His cock got hard as he unzipped her skirt and slid his hand down the front of her panties. One thing he still loved about Chelsea was her pussy. Always wet for him, pink and sweet like cotton candy, and—whoa—naked.

“You shaved.”

Chelsea smiled. “A friend talked me into it. She said it would feel better for me.”

“I think I like your friend.” Vince laid Chelsea on the couch and nibbled her nipples. “Wanna see if she’s right?” He didn’t wait for an answer. Vince pulled her panties down and licked her bare cunt lips. Chelsea moaned and shivered, spreading her legs for more.

Vince ate it up, licking her slippery pussy all over, sucking on her throbbing clit while she moaned. His fingers slid into her, stroking and twisting.

“Oh. Oh yes, please. Don’t stop.”

She said the same damn thing every time, and he wondered when it stopped meaning something to him. Vince stopped just to spite her. He got up on his knees and grabbed his dick, stroking himself hard again. He wrapped her legs around his waist and shoved into her. Holy shit it felt good, but fucking Chelsea was the same every time. Her shaved pussy was new but nothing else changed.

“Ooo that does feel better.”

Why did she sound so surprised?

“Uh-huh.” Vince pulled out slow, watching her shaved lips cling to his cock, soft and slippery.

Chelsea wiggled and rubbed her naked cunt against him. She groaned and pulled him down, kissing his mouth while he drove into her again.

Vince pounded in hard and pulled out slow. Skin on skin. Damn, there’s nothing better. Maybe if she shaved for him all the time, sex would be better. He bent his head to nibble Chelsea’s neck, but something in the hallway caught his attention.

Jessica smiled and waved to him with her free hand because her other hand was buried to the knuckles in her own wet pussy.

Vince groaned and hid his face in Chelsea’s shoulder. How long was Jessica watching? What was he gonna do? Two naked women in his house. Ultimate fantasy or fucking nightmare? Vince closed his eyes and buried his cock in Chelsea’s cunt.

“Oh. Oh yes! Yes!” Chelsea grabbed his shoulders and moved beneath him. Her pussy got hot and tight, squeezing him like a velvet-lined vice. But she didn’t come.

He peeked over Chelsea’s shoulder and watched Jessica finger-fuck herself with two hands, one slamming in and out while she rubbed her clit with the other. Oh yeah, that did it for him. Jessica came hard and loud, and so did Vince, groaning in Chelsea’s ear so she wouldn’t hear the other woman a few feet away.

“Did you like that?” Chelsea nibbled his ear.

“Yeah,” he sighed.

“He liked it.”

Vince’s blood ran cold when he recognized Jessica’s voice.

“But you didn’t.” Jessica strolled into the living room on those dangerous heels and sat in the chair. She leaned over and stroked Chelsea’s hair.

“You’re right,” Chelsea grumbled and sat up. “I didn’t.”

“What are you going to do about it?” Jessica smiled. “Embrace your inner slut, remember? Take control.”

“I know. That’s what tonight is all about, right?”

Vince heard every word, but he didn’t understand any of them. “I thought…. You were going out with…. You two know each other?”

Jessica raised an eyebrow. “She didn’t tell you?”

Tell him what? “Somebody needs to tell me something!”

Chelsea sat up straight and looked at him. “Jessica is my old college roommate.”

Well holy shit.

Jessica sat back and smiled. “We ran into each other shortly after I moved here. I told her where I was working, and we decided to get together sometime.”

“Yeah, okay, but this isn’t exactly a lunch date.” Vince stood up and ran his hands through his hair, pacing toward the kitchen. What the hell just happened? One minute he was having forbidden sex with an easy co-worker and the next she was coaching his girlfriend. He turned back toward the living room and saw two beautiful women—naked—laughing and touching like…. “So how close are you two?”

“Not as close as I’d like.” Jessica reached over and stroked Chelsea’s thigh.

Chelsea pulled back. “I know. But I’m not as uptight as I used to be.”

“Oh really.” Jessica leaned over and kissed Chelsea on the mouth, slipping her tongue between her lips.

Chelsea stiffened. Vince stiffened. Then Chelsea relaxed and leaned back as Jessica crawled onto her lap. They explored each other’s bodies, caressing breasts, pinching nipples, fingering pussies.

“What do you want me to do?” Chelsea whispered.

“You’re in charge.”

Chelsea smiled and bit her lip. She leaned down and licked Jessica’s nipple. “Mm. Nice.” She caressed Jessica’s breasts, stroking them like soft rose petals. “I like your tattoo.” Her fingers touched the red ink, tracing the lip print.

“I like your touch.”

Chelsea lay back on the couch, and Jessica’s finger slid between her pussy lips. “You shaved.”

“I told you I would. Do you like it?”

“That depends. Did you do it for me or for you?”

“I did it for me.” Chelsea gasped as Jessica’s tongue touched her clit, and she draped her legs over Jessica’s shoulders. “Make me come, please please please. I need to come.”

“Tell me how. You know your body best.”

“Keep doing that.” Chelsea groaned and lifted her hips. “I need…to come.”

Jessica slipped a finger into Chelsea’s cunt. “Do you like this?”

“Oh! That’s perfect. Give me another one. Don’t stop. Please! Don’t ever stop.”

Vince watched his fantasy lay eat his girlfriend’s pussy. This would be the best porn ever if Chelsea wasn’t fucking Jessica harder than she fucked him.

“Oh fuck! That’s it, baby!” Chelsea grabbed Jessica’s hair and held her down. “Make me come hard.” She twisted and moaned, her skin flushed pink and she pinched her nipples until she squirmed and squealed.

Jessica flipped her hair back and licked Chelsea’s juice from her lips. “What do you want to do with him?”

They looked at Vince, naked and hard as a rock.

“Did you fuck him?”

“Just a little.”

“We figured that would happen.” Chelsea stood tall and strong and looked at Vince, her eyes level with his.

That’s when he noticed she wore four-inch stiletto heels.

“I’m not happy you slept with her so easily.” She frowned.

“I uh…. You were…. She was naked.” Vince protested. “You came home before I fucked her.” Yeah, so, he wasn’t such a bad guy.

“I’m not happy…period. For too long I let you walk all over me, fucking other women whenever you pleased.”

“Baby, I–”

“Jessica, get your leather. He needs to be punished.”

Jessica shoved Vince into the chair and stood over him, sticking her heel on his chest. “Stay.”

Chelsea’s smile chilled Vince to the bone. “When she’s done with you; I’m done with you.”

She was no longer his doormat.

                                                              A Good News Day

I was horny as I drove home after work. A scorcher of a day, it had been a real letdown not to see Jessica in the office. With Chelsea away for the weekend, I was looking forward to spending some time with the guys from the newsroom, but it was Jessica I really wanted to be with. She wrote the sex column for the paper, and I covered politics. We talked daily, and I found her openness and knowledge of the world to be a real turn-on. I loved Chelsea, but she didn’t always stimulate me mentally. On the few occasions she met my co-workers, she appeared a bit intimidated, though she and Jess seemed to get along fine.

Arriving home to find the elevator broken again, I dragged my ass up the four flights of stairs. By the time I reached our apartment, sweat was streaming down my face. When I opened the door, the scent of jasmine hit me. That was odd ­­as it was not Chelsea’s perfume. I didn’t think twice about it and kicked off my shoes in the middle of the living room. Without Chelsea at home for the weekend, I could at least let loose for a couple of days. As I entered the bedroom, I pulled off my T-shirt, flipped on the light, and was startled to see dark, long tresses peeking out from underneath the covers.

“Babe, what are you still doing here?” I asked.

“Well hello, sweet thing,” Jessica said as she rolled over and eyed me up and down.

“Jessica, what the…?” My heart began to race as the blood rushed to my loins. “What are you doing here? How the hell did you get in?”

She crawled out from under the covers wearing only a one-piece black negligee. The flimsy material couldn’t hide her full, round breasts nor the fact that she had nothing else on underneath.

“Surprise, Vince,” she purred, moving toward me, “I hope you’re happy to see me.”

I was suddenly aware I was shirtless as she traced her fingers across my damp chest, circling my nipples.

“Jess, how did you get in?”

“Details, details, you newsmen always need to know the facts. Isn’t it good enough that I’m here?”

“Yes, but…”

Jessica continued to stroke my chest. I couldn’t deny how sexy it felt to have her breasts pushed against me, but I wanted the details. I was a reporter after all, and I had to know the answers. How did she get in the apartment? Did Chelsea know about this? Was I being set up? My mind raced through all the possible scenarios until I felt Jess tugging at my belt, loosening the buckle.

“Come on Vince, you want me. I know you do.” Her breath was soft and hot near my ear.

“Jess, there’s no man on earth who wouldn’t want you, but Chelsea—”

“Forget about Chelsea. She’s not here, I am!”

Her words shook me out of my foggy state, and I backed away. “Jessica, I’m sorry. I’m not sure what you were thinking by coming here, but I can’t do this.”

“You can’t, or you won’t?” She stepped back and slid the thin straps of her negligee down her shoulders, allowing the delicate material to fall to the floor.

My jaw dropped as I stared at the beauty in front of me. Jessica cupped a breast in each hand and fondled herself, pulling on her nipples until they were long and hard. She moved to some imagined music, swaying her hips in an enticing dance, trailing her right hand down her stomach, and then lower toward her pussy… my god…her pussy. Puffy lips covered in wisps of dark hair could not conceal the slit that had already parted, its moisture an open invitation.

“Jess …” My mouth went dry.

“Look at me Vince, and tell me you don’t want me.” She moaned as she brazenly pleasured herself.

My cock strained against my pants as I wrestled with doing the right thing. Jessica was my fantasy girl, but Chelsea was my love. I couldn’t believe what I was about to say.

“Jess, I’m going to take a cold shower now. As much as I want you, and believe me, I do want you, I can’t. I’m sorry.”

Jessica’s expression suddenly changed to pouty disappointment. She bent over slowly, exposing her full ass cheeks and picked up her negligee. My cock was bursting as I watched her slip the garment back over her ample breasts.

“Fine, Vince. Go and take your cold shower.”

                                                                * * * *

I heard a door slam after I got in the shower and could tell Jess was not used to being rejected. It took several minutes of the water hitting my cock before my hard-on subsided. Jessica was unbelievably hot, and she had basically offered herself to me. What the fuck was I thinking by turning her down?

I stood under the cold shower until I was numb and then turned off the taps. As I finished toweling off, there was a knock on the door. Damn, Jess had not left after all. I wrapped the towel tightly around my waist and braced myself for a confrontation. When I swung open the door, Chelsea stood in front of me. She was naked and had a grin on her face.

“Hi honey,” she said.

“Jesus! Chelsea, when did you get home? I thought…” Then I saw her—Jessica in the background walking up behind Chelsea, herself naked, and wrapping an arm around my girlfriend’s waist. The two of them seemed like the best of friends, smiling and writhing their bodies against one other.

“Hi again, Vince,” Jess said.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was I dreaming? “Will somebody please tell me what’s going on?”

Chelsea planted her lips on mine and gave me a long, passionate kiss that sent shivers down my back. Jessica’s warm body was also pressed against me as she nibbled on my earlobe. I grabbed both women around their waists, moving my kisses from one to the other. I got confirmation I wasn’t dreaming when Chelsea ripped off my towel and pulled me toward the bed, leading me by my hard-on.

“I know we’ve been together nine years Vince, but I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve. Jess and I have been friends for awhile, and this is a fantasy of mine.”

“I had no idea,” I said as I positioned myself on my back while both women crawled into bed on either side of me. Where Jessica had round buxom breasts, Chelsea had smaller plum-shaped upturned ones. Her pussy was clean shaven and it looked more swollen now than I’d ever seen it.

“I was attracted to Jess,” Chelsea said, “but I had to know she wasn’t going to be a threat to our relationship. The fact that you could resist her proved it.”

Chelsea got up and positioned her pussy over my rock-hard cock, teasing me as she gyrated her hips just enough to allow the tip to touch her. I groaned with desire to feel more as Jess moved beside Chelsea, and they massaged each other’s breasts. The sight of two women kissing each other while one hovered over me was almost enough to make me unload right there. For a few agonizing moments, all I could do was watch until my cock disappeared inside Chelsea’s hot, wet cunt.

As Chelsea bounced on top of me, Jessica crawled up the bed and offered me her breasts. I grabbed them and buried my face in her cleavage, kissing her perfect mounds.

“So, Mr. Hardcore Newsman,” she said, “do you still need more details, or is this enough for now?”

She whimpered, and I sucked her erect nipples deep into my mouth. “I’m fine now,” I managed to say before she repositioned herself, straddling my chin with her knees on either side of my head, facing Chelsea as they reached out to touch each other’s breasts.

“Good,” Jessica said, “because I’m going to sit on your face now, and I don’t want to hear another word out of you.”

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21 Responses to “Erotica in the Cage” ~the battle begins~

  1. Anonymous says:

    *fans self* Damn. Knew these two talented women wouldn’t disappoint. Hottest stuff the Cage has ever seen, no doubt. Good job, both of you.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Are we allowed to guess who wrote which story? My guess is that Amelia has the dangerous heels and Eden is the bringer of good news. I think I have a lot to learn from both of them because the story I wrote (in my head) had no sex in it at all. *Sigh!* I need to read more of their work.

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  4. maxwell cynn says:

    Two blazing hot stories. Very HARD to chose one. Can I have both? Vince did. Great work, ladies!



  5. Ardee-ann says:

    There is a hole burned through the floor where my computer chair once sat. Hot, hot, hot!!! Great erotica in both stories. I am still smoldering, it was hard to chose just one story, like Max and want them both. MMMMM….tasty!


  6. Gotta say I am very impressed.

  7. danniehill says:

    Well, as head cheerleader for Eden… pauses, wipes sweat from his brow… makes an adjustment. I have to say both ladies have outdone themselves! Fantasies come alive with the powerful writing. I am most impressed.

    It is a wonder at the imagnation of women today. Is it that women’s thoughts are melding with that of us singleminded males? OR it is I was just not smart enough to recognize it in my youth?

    All the cheering and pumping my pom-poms has frayed my kilt! Its been over four hours now– should I call the doctor? I didn’t take a pill– don’t need them.

    Great, great job of presenting an image with your words! Applauding for Eden and Amelia!

  8. eden baylee says:

    To the commenters:
    @Anonymous – thanks so much!
    @Vanessa – You are an original writer – just keep at it..and yes, of course you can guess, but I’m afraid I cannot deny or confirm.
    @Max – Simply adore you. xoxox
    @Ardee-ann -You are hilarious!
    @Jason – Thank you for a great comment.
    @Dannie – Everyone writer should be so lucky to have a head cheerleader like you. You’re amazing. Thx for all the high kicks!

    To everyone who voted – thank you so much for reading. It’s such an honor to be hosted by Al, and I couldn’t have asked for a more gracious and fierce competitor than Amelia.


  9. I loved them both but Dangerous Heels was hotter. Plus I prefer bad boys. Jake was too nice–not bad enough.

  10. Roy Station says:

    I find it hard to chose between heads and tails, so this was just impossible. They were both extremely good; but knowing a vote was required; I actually did decide it on the spin of a coin, it came down on the side of A Good News Day.

  11. Always too hot never too cold
    You make your best shot too hot to hold
    Never too young Never too old
    You gotta go for gold

    Hawt. 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    hi eden dear..
    everyone is correct..DAMN HOT!
    wow.. it would be so hard to chose one story.. you women are wonderful
    thank you for the blood rushing all over lol
    love Laura Novak

  13. Junying Kirk says:

    Eden, I’m a bit biased, so am definitely rooting for you, sorry Amelia, no offence to you at all. I have cast my vote, and eagerly waiting for the outcome! Excellent job, both of you super hot erotic wonder women :)!


  14. danniehill says:

    I can’t believe it! The bad boys always win– Well I hope that belt beat the hell out of him. Great job Amelia. Eden, hold you head up high. Two votes? I think the fix was in- LOL Just kidding. You are and always will be at the top of my list of good, extremely hot women and much more than that a wonderful person!

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