alarming loft via angel’s breath

no more than a word spent to send me there

her smile stealth, though not meant as such

my heart exhumed for another chance

what sheer delight to discover thus

a shared desire, but could it be

that life-long err still deserve her love

I’ll question not, pray it come to pass

exquisite grace from thee I watch

your kindness flows for all to see

and when the reaper, my life arrest

may I cease by your side, most humbly

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17 Responses to Seraphim

  1. Ann Mauren says:

    What an amazing picture these words paint in my mind! They are full of ‘exquisite grace’, just like the Seraphim they describe.

  2. Monica McRann says:

    Al, you have brought me to tears today, what a soul filled stanza, that evokes the
    essence of true love you and Jennifer share.
    “exquisite grace from thee I watch

    your kindness flows for all to see

    and when the reaper, my life arrest

    may I cease by your side, most humbly”

    Beautiful, Thank you. ~Monica ;~)

    • Al Boudreau says:

      Aww…thank you, Monica. *Hands lovely friend a cyber-tissue* I constantly marvel at Jen’s talents and grace. I thought it would be nice to celebrate them with my words.

  3. Sammy Sutton says:

    What stunning imagery and beauty!

    Thanks for sharing Al!

    Sammy Sutton

  4. Karen DeLabar says:

    That is absolutely beautiful, Al. Eric used to write poetry for me and I know how special it made me feel to see his words expressed in such a way. You painted such a touching portrait of Jen; you both are very lucky to have each other.

    • Al Boudreau says:

      Thank you Karen. Jennifer is truly the kind of woman who comes along but once in a lifetime. Words fail to do her justice, but I’ll continue to try. Thanks so much for your warm response.

  5. L.M. Stull says:

    Oh this is absolutely beautiful Al! So very lyrical. Breathtaking….nice job!

  6. timqueeney says:

    rhythmic splendor – well done.

  7. Dannie says:

    An angel indeed! Words felt by touch, feelings released in words. What a great poem!

  8. Wonderful. Straight from the heart… I love it. ♥

  9. All the wonderful comments above say so much… I can only add my thanks for sharing something so personal and so beautiful.

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